Completely anonymous, out of banking
credit card and e-banking.

No credit check!

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BlueCard OOB protects your privacy

The BlueCard Out of Banking is completely anonymous, an out of banking credit card. It allows anonymous purchases and ATM cash withdrawals. Furthermore, the BlueCard can be loaded in numerous ways (by bank transfer, Western Union, bank transfers from different senders, purchases with different credit cards). In addition, it provides customers with an online banking platform which allows outgoing transfers as well.

No Name Anonymous Credit Card

Anonymous purchases in stores and online

Anonymous ATM cash withdrawals around the globe

Many good reasons to choose BlueCard OOB

Easy money transfers in and out

Anonymous online purchases

Anonymous store purchases

Anonymous ATM cash withdrawals

Good exchange rate

Accepted globally

Internet banking available 24/7

Mobile banking available 24/7

Secure online banking

Anonymous purchase of digital currency

Transfer from other BlueCard OOB customers

Transfer to other BlueCard OOB customers

Swift money transfers to and from the account

Loadable by all major credit cards

Loadable by Western Union and Swiss Money Transfers

Detailed billing